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Heritage Square


McCarthy acted as a construction manager and contractor in the restoration of several buildings now located in Heritage Square, Oxnard’s historic district, which offers a fun trip back in time. The collection of Victorian mansions now hosts activities such as farmers’ markets, concerts, weddings, and tours. Shown in the picture: McGrath House (on left) and Petit House (on right). Petit House – Justin and Frances Petit contracted with Herman Anlauf to design their home on Wooley Road in the Oxnard Colonia district for the sum of $8,000. It was completed in 1896 with 7,000 square feet, two staircases, seven entrances, seven bedrooms, two parlors and two maids’ quarters.

Most bedrooms had outside entrances, which gave gentlemen the option of strolling out to the fields instead of visiting the one bathroom. McGrath House – This Colonial Revival home was built for Martin Laurent and his wife, Annette (Petit) Laurent (Annette was the sister of Justin Petit). After her husband died, Annette owned the home until 1919 and it had various occupants until 1945 when John McGrath purchased the home. In the 60’s McGrath had it moved to Wooley Road. Pat McCarthy purchased the home in the early ’80s and after living in it for a few years, he ended up cutting the home in two and moving it to Heritage Square where they completed the historic renovation for this building and several others. Some important notes about the home are that the basement, outdoor patio, south extension (near the patio), elevator and rear staircase are not original and were added after its relocation to Heritage Square to accommodate the new restaurant and bar.