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Announcing Homes & Hope

In a significant move toward advancing housing opportunities, McCarthy Companies proudly announces its partnership with Homes & Hope, a leading affordable housing developer. With over 40 years of experience in developing and building both market-rate and affordable communities, McCarthy Companies and Homes & Hope are joining forces to create a powerful synergy within the affordable housing market.


About Homes & Hope

Homes & Hope is led by a dedicated team of affordable housing leaders, driven by a singular mission: to provide affordable, safe, and welcoming homes for those in need. This organization aims to balance the nonprofit affordable housing model’s positive aspects with the efficiency, market responsiveness, and innovation of a market-rate developer.  

With decades of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to social change, the Homes & Hope team is playing a crucial role in addressing the housing needs of underserved communities. Their focus on fostering community engagement and creating long-lasting impact aligns with McCarthy Companies’ values, making for a synergistic partnership of shared goals.


Shared Resources for Greater Impact

The collaboration between McCarthy Companies and Homes & Hope represents a strategic alignment of resources, expertise, and commitment to creating vibrant, affordable housing communities. By pooling their strengths, the partnership aims to streamline project management processes and introduce innovative solutions that will set new standards in the affordable housing sector. 

McCarthy’s long standing reputation has been built over the last 40+ years developing and building both market rate and affordable housing communities.  The firm has cultivated a team of professionals who provide an array of services that complement Homes & Hope and other developing partners.  These services include land acquisition, entitlements, predevelopment funding, development management, preconstruction/design oversight, permit processing, construction management and construction.  

Homes & Hope brings to the table nearly 20 years of affordable housing development expertise and provides in-house expertise to the McCarthy Companies, enhancing their position as a premier general contractor and construction manager in the affordable housing sector. The experience of the Homes & Hope Leadership Team, Alexander Russell, Rodney “Rod” Thompson, Jr., and Luis A. Hernandez plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of Homes & Hope, ensuring the successful implementation of affordable housing solutions.

This collaborative and multifaceted approach allows Homes & Hope and McCarthy Companies to effectively address the challenges of affordable housing while making the most of their resources and expertise.


Homes & Hope Leadership

Alexander Russell, partner and CEO of Homes & Hope, has an extensive background in affordable housing and community development. Alexander brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his role as the founding CEO of Homes & Hope. Prior to his current position, Alexander served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Many Mansions, a prominent southern California-based nonprofit affordable housing builder, property manager, and services provider, for over 17.5 years. During his tenure at Many Mansions, Alexander worked on 15+ affordable housing developments, totaling over 1,000 units. His approach included the utilization of innovative construction techniques, such as volumetric modular construction, showcasing a commitment to cutting-edge practices in the industry. Moreover, Alexander played a pivotal role in securing over $375 million in private, local, state, and federal financing for affordable housing projects, demonstrating his adeptness in navigating the complex financial landscape associated with such developments. With a comprehensive understanding of every facet of the affordable housing business, Alexander directly oversaw finance and administration, government relations, asset management, property management, business development, and most extensively, real estate development. His hands-on approach and strategic vision were instrumental in the success of Many Mansions and laid the foundation for his current role at Homes & Hope.



To learn more about Homes & Hope, visit their website HERE.



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