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The Harmon Ranch Collection
Harmon Ranch Willow

Everyday Luxury

Nestled in the foothills of Ventura, Harmon Ranch is a collection of nineteen for-sale homes that create an exceptional living experience and sense of place. The project is a textbook example of infill development, where the look and feel of the surrounding community blends in seamlessly with the new homes. The project provides stunning farmhouse-inspired residences in a quiet neighborhood, blending modern design with agricultural charm. McCarthy Companies partnered with Montgomery Street Partners as the developer and builder for the community, which is set to close-out in October.

Harmon Ranch Oak

The Design

Nodding to Ventura’s rich agricultural history, Harmon Ranch architecture captures authentic and comfortable living. Understated rooflines and modern finishes offer a warm and inviting curb appeal. The interiors boast open floor plans that inspire free-flow movement and connection. At McCarthy, we put tremendous significance on the meaning of home— not only as an important investment, but as a place to gather, entertain and unwind with your loved ones and friends.

Harmon Ranch Kitchen 2
Harmon Ranch Kitchen 2

The Lifestyle

In addition to modern amenities and sleek design details, Harmon Ranch fosters a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Located just below the Harmon Canyon Preserve, residents can explore Ventura’s first large-scale nature preserve. Discover 2,100 acres sprawling over hills and canyons that feature oak groves, stream crossings, and breathtaking views of Southern California mountain ranges, coastlines, and Channel Islands National Park. What’s more, Ventura’s downtown is a lively and vibrant community; the dining scene includes artisan chefs using locally caught seafood and organic produce, melding them into all kinds of amazing dishes.

Harmon Ranch Sagebrush



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