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Housing in Ventura County
Chapel Lane

How McCarthy is Working to Provide Solutions

There are many difficult issues when it comes to providing housing in California. Some of the more critical matters we are continuously facing are the lack of new market-rate housing which keeps prices high, as well as the dearth of affordable (subsidized) housing with an ever-increasing homeless population.  

As one of the largest residential builders (both as a general contractor and developer) in the Tri-County area, McCarthy is part of the solution of delivering housing in a supply constrained market suffering from a lack of quality new housing options. We are currently in preconstruction on nearly 800 residential units and under active construction on over 500 homes in the Tri-County area. This includes both market-rate and affordable (subsidized) housing.  

In addition to the homes in preconstruction and active construction, over the last five years McCarthy has completed over 700 market-rate and affordable residential homes. Recently completed communities include projects such as Mountain View Apartments (77 affordable apartment homes in Fillmore, CA), Piru Gateway (92 market-rate homes in Piru, CA), Nipomo Senior Housing (40 affordable senior-homes in Nipomo, CA), Willett Ranch (50 affordable apartment homes for seniors in Ventura, CA) as well as market-rate communities such as Harmon Ranch (Ventura, CA), Southern Highlands (Nipomo, CA) and Purisima Hills (Lompoc, CA).  

Despite the addition of these projects to the Tri-County community, we recognize more work still needs to be done to meet the current housing needs.



Community Collaboration at the VC Housing Conference

With the reality of the housing that still needs to be provided for an overall healthy community, we believe in the importance of coming together to discuss the various complex issues. This month, our team attended the 2022 Ventura County Housing Conference. This practical, action-oriented symposium included topics such as:

  • new and improved programs, tools, and solutions for housing creation for all socioeconomic levels, 
  • greater understanding of issues surrounding the housing supply, need, process and costs, and
  • enriched partnerships and coordination between public and private organizations as well as individuals for a more efficient development process.

The organization behind the event, Housing Opportunities Made Easier (HOME), was formed in 2001 as a housing committee of the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA) to promote a diversity of housing opportunities, essential for a healthy and sustainable quality of life in Ventura County.

In 2002 HOME collaborated with VECDA and Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) to begin a series of housing related summits, which transformed into an established annual housing conference. In 2006, it was incorporated as a non-profit and now organizes the annual VC Housing Conference as well as quarterly educational Housing Issues Forums. To learn more about HOME and attend an upcoming Housing Issues Forum click here. Together, we can develop solutions to inspire positive change in our community.



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